The Future of Solar-Panel Vehicles

I’d like to tell you that complete solar-panel vehicles are right around the corner.  I mean, “The Year 2000” has come and gone, hasn’t it Conan?  Where ARE they?  Well, they’re not here yet, and they’re not coming anytime soon.  Believe it.

But this article is not ALL doom and gloom, so have no fear!  They ARE coming…in this author’s opinion, however, I don’t believe anyone will be able to purchase a completely solar-panel powered car in anyone’s lifetime who is living right now.

Having said that, steps are being made by a couple different car companies.  In certain new cars, they are implementing partially solar-powered roofs that can keep your car cool while turned off on hot days.  Hey, it’s a step, right?

Consider that it’s probably very difficult for some researchers to get funding for this sort of thing.  Let’s assume that it’s not difficult for now, though: imagine what car companies may be going through during research and development.  Do you honestly think that Big Oil is thrilled to have researchers looking for alternative energy resources for cars?  Forget it, they’re not.  Again, in my opinion, Big Oil wants to stop any production of clean energy in cars.  Think about it: no GAS will be used on these cars.  What then, happens to the cushy jobs of some of the executives?  I can tell you: there will BE no jobs, because the oil industry will be hurting…unless, of course, they can find a way to team up with the makers of solar panels in a different way.

Here’s to hoping they finally start getting things right and make the cars we WANT.

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