Solar Panel Introduction

How to Make Solar Panels

Search Google for the above phrase and you’ll get roughly 16 million results.  That’s right: 16 MILLION.  So there are answers out there, yet the majority of us are still shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month to pay the big electric companies to heat our homes for us.  Something’s not right here, and I kind of feel like ranting about it.

Remember when we were kids and solar panels were “the coolest thing”?  I do.  But what happened?  Why aren’t we using them for our main source of energy?  Are they too expensive?  (While we’re at it, where are the jet packs??)

Well, I have a plan – a five-year goal.  By 2014, I plan to get at least half of the energy in my home from solar panels.  Seems like a modest plan.  I’ll either buy them or buy the parts and make my own.  People are already doing this, you know.  My guess is that we’re not hearing about it very much because solar panels represent a major threat to the electric companies, in the same way that electric cars represent a huge problem for the oil industry.  But guess what?  I don’t CARE.  There was life before Big Oil and Big Electric, and there will most likely be life after them.

Maybe we can all make a similar, realistic goal to find sources of clean, renewable energy in the next ten years.  I just think we need to do this on our own rather than wait for the government to do it for us.  Who’s with me?

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