Home Solar Panel Installation

If you are one of the many people who have recently become more aware of how expensive energy costs are becoming, home solar panel installation may be something to look into. It is an unobtrusive and environmentally friendly way to save some money on the power bill and help move into the future. The process is fairly quick and easy to, and will be outlined in the following steps.

Before you begin getting supplies, you will want to ask yourself whether your panels will be lying flat on the roof or angled toward the light for maximum effect. This will affect how you install the rails, because the guide supplied here is mainly for those making panels that are set flat on the roof. If this is the case it should be known that it is easier to put the panels in place.

First off you will want to get the screws and mounts to attach to the roof to make sure it is safe, because safety should always be number one priority. Once you have your supplies, which can be found online or at any hardware store, find the rafters in your roof using a stud finder and drill holes. You can use a laser or chalk line to make sure they are all in a straight line. Place the mounts over the holes. In here will go the rails the panels sit on. Once the rails are in place it would be smart to hot mop them to make sure they are mounted securely. Steel bolts will secure the rails to the posts you secure. Now the hard part is done!

The panels themselves must be installed flat and in a straight line. Once they are set you can connect them into an array. Finally you must run the conduit so it connects to the inverter on top of the roof. Congratulations, your solar panel energy system is now installed and along with the free energy bill you will enjoy a tax break from the federal government for converting to the more environmentally friendly alternative.

If you are still feeling hesitant, you should know that installing the panels yourself is a simple and safe process that will pay for itself after only four years which is a short time for such a benefit. It will also increase the value of your home and make it far more desirable. Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what home solar panel installation entails if you choose to try it yourself, because it is very possible.

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