DIY Wind Power and Solar Power

Why should we worry about power and electricity? Why should we have the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mentality? Well, the answer is simple: every major breakthrough in history has come from that sort of attitude, and every invention has begun this way.

Many of us have taken on the attitude of the government or big companies doing these things for us, and I don’t really know when that started…but it certainly hasn’t always been this way. WE used to be the government, and PEOPLE used to control the big companies. Our thought processes need a kick in the head, and we need to refresh.

Think of the advantages of doing it ourselves. If we could use our own solar panels and wind power in our own homes, no longer would we be so reliant on Big Electricity. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, go ahead and add up how much you’ve spent on power in the last year – it’s unbelievable, and the electric companies have so much power over our lives. And if you don’t believe THAT claim, go ahead and try not paying your electric bill. See what happens. Our entire lives shut down without power, and they wield it over us with little mercy.

I implore you readers to invest just a little time and money into being self-sufficient with energy. Maybe you won’t accomplish it in your lifetime, but if you only START, our children will be in a much better position to FINISH it and start controlling this aspect our their lives.

Not to mention it’s clean energy. Save the earth and all that.

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