Cost of Solar Energy

Are you concerned about your high energy bills? What about the environment, are you worried about its resources that are nonrenewable? Solar energy is the solution for you. Let us discuss the costs of solar energy and how practical it is for YOUR budget.

The first thing you should know is that the size of your house has nothing to do with the cost of your solar panels. So for those fortunate enough to live in a gigantic house, solar panels are not here to overwhelm you with fees. What you do need to take into consideration are things like how much sun you get a day, where you live, and how much energy you use a day. Once you can come to those conclusions, we can start the math.

Let us do an example together to figure out a ballpark cost for solar panels. Take a peak at your energy bill as it is now and locate how many KWH you used. We will say that number you found was 800 KWH. Now we are going to divide 800 by 30 and we get a whopping 26.7. Remember that number. It is how much estimated KWH you use a day. If you find that you are exposed to six hours of sunlight a day you would then take the 26.7 and divide it by 6. You answer should be 4.45 (or 4,450 watts). If you multiply that answer times 1.15 you have successfully found out how many solar panel watts you need.

The installation costs then are related to the number you found above. Each watt typically costs $7-$9. All your installation costs should be included with that estimated ending price.

Now that you know how much your system will cost, you will be relieved to know that it literally pays for itself within six years. There are also tax exemptions for those that choose to use solar energy. It is an investment that is worth anyone’s time and money.

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