Are Solar Panels Really the Future?

Remember back in the mid-80s when seeing a solar panel was “a thing of the future”?  Well…what happened??  It’s STILL like that, and it’s very rare that you see them attached to homes.  Sure, occasionally you see one or two homes that have a couple of them installed, and we’ve all seen them pasted onto stop signs, but that’s it.

For some reason, the hype surrounding the solar panel has died out; and I think I know why.  In my opinion, I don’t believe that the government actually WANTS clean energy.  There are far too many lobbyists in the electrical, oil, and automobile industries to tackle something wonderful like renewable energy.  It would cost billions and billions of dollars to really restart the energy crises that we have, and nobody is going to fund it at this time; there’s too much money to be lost, and too many of the rich would be risking their fortunes.

The solution?  Write your Congressmen, boycott certain automobile companies, and conserve electricity.  The more we do things like that, the more the giants will see that we are serious about starting a major revolution for clean energy.  But it’s going to take a huge effort on our parts, and we have to take it seriously.  A few hundred people here and there making a stand isn’t going to cut it.  We need to band together and make it a fight we believe in.  Join message boards, pass our fliers, attend rallies, etc.  And watch your vote!  We can do this.

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