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Home Solar Panel Installation

If you are one of the many people who have recently become more aware of how expensive energy costs are becoming, home solar panel installation may be something to look into. It is an unobtrusive and environmentally friendly way to save some money on the power bill and help move into the future. The process […]

Solar Energy Increases Home Value

Are you looking for ways to increase your home value? Well, I have an idea that will not only make the resale cost of your home increase, but it will actually save you money. I am talking about solar energy. Let me explain… Solar energy is an energy-efficient way to run your home. To summarize […]

DIY Solar Heating

I have never been a sucker for do it yourself projects, but this one has especially caught my eye. For those of you that are educated on solar energy, I am talking about solar energy kits. For everyone else, I am about to share with you about DIY solar heating. This activity can be done […]

Cost of Solar Energy

Are you concerned about your high energy bills? What about the environment, are you worried about its resources that are nonrenewable? Solar energy is the solution for you. Let us discuss the costs of solar energy and how practical it is for YOUR budget. The first thing you should know is that the size of […]

Advantages of Solar Energy

Unless you are a part of the going green campaign, you may not be aware of the advantages of solar energy. By taking your energy source to this new and healthy style, you are making a decision you will never regret. Let me share with you some great features you too could be in on […]

Is It Possible to Build Solar Panels at Home?

Why haven’t there been commercials for solar-panel creation during the nightly news, especially considering we’re facing the biggest energy crisis we have ever seen. Does that make sense to you? Also consider that a large chunk of the commercials that you DO see are for automobiles…that run on GAS (oil). There are rumors of car […]

The Future of Solar-Panel Vehicles

I’d like to tell you that complete solar-panel vehicles are right around the corner.  I mean, “The Year 2000” has come and gone, hasn’t it Conan?  Where ARE they?  Well, they’re not here yet, and they’re not coming anytime soon.  Believe it. But this article is not ALL doom and gloom, so have no fear!  […]

DIY Wind Power and Solar Power

Why should we worry about power and electricity? Why should we have the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mentality? Well, the answer is simple: every major breakthrough in history has come from that sort of attitude, and every invention has begun this way. Many of us have taken on the attitude of the government or big companies doing […]

Find Good Solar Energy Installation; Do Your Research

O.K., so you’re finally at the point where you’re ready to start helping save our world’s energy crisis. It’s a great place to be, isn’t it? We can really help our children’s future, and it’s time. But there are numerous problems, with practicality being number one. The question we ask ourselves is “How?” Well, hopefully, […]

Convert Your Home to Solar Energy One Panel at a Time

Solar panels are just the way to go, and I don’t think there’s really any argument anymore, is there? But there are problems: One problem is that the government just doesn’t seem to be as committed to converting as much as some of us are. The other problem, on a personal level, is that they […]

Are Solar Panels Really the Future?

Remember back in the mid-80s when seeing a solar panel was “a thing of the future”?  Well…what happened??  It’s STILL like that, and it’s very rare that you see them attached to homes.  Sure, occasionally you see one or two homes that have a couple of them installed, and we’ve all seen them pasted onto […]

Solar Panel Introduction

How to Make Solar Panels Search Google for the above phrase and you’ll get roughly 16 million results.  That’s right: 16 MILLION.  So there are answers out there, yet the majority of us are still shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month to pay the big electric companies to heat our homes for […]